Meine beruflichen Stationen

Meine beruflichen Stationen

Berufliche Stationen   JS-Medical GmbH & Co.KG

Providing customers with adequate outpatient service in Germany. Elder Care Services & Senior or HomeCare, we provide you with high-quality health care that allows patients to recover, or live with illness, in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by family and friends. By providing care, education, and support, we help patients become independent in managing their care.
What is HomeCare ?
Since 2003, JS-Medical HomeCare has provided care for patients in their homes. With close monitoring and patient and family education, many treatments that may have once kept patients in the hospital are now being done safely at home. In addition to the comfort of familiar surroundings, JS-Medical HomeCare is a cost effective option and is covered by all insurance companies. Patients must be homebound, have a physician’s order and insurance authorization to be eligible for home health services. Examples of conditions that may require home health care are cancer, AIDS, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, fractures, and strokes, chronic illness, and disabilities.

The JS-Medical HomeCare Team

The JS-Medical HomeCare Team offers a wide range of services and includes registered nurses, certified home health aides, medical social workers and physical, occupational and speech therapists. They work with you, your family and physician to develop a plan of health care or treatment that will meet your needs. The HomeCare team will: Evaluate and assess your needs and coordinate patient care and services with your physician and other healthcare team members Provide you with continuity from the clinic, hospital or extended care facility into the home Promote a safe home environment for your activities Train you for self-care whenever possible and/or offer your caregivers education so they can manage treatments at home Case manage to use community resources to meet your changing healthcare needs Work toward reaching your highest level of wellness and independence

Covidien Tyco Healthcare

General Manager

November 1998 bis Juni 2002

A very interesting time was 1998, where the company made about 140 takeovers. It was a great challenge to join an international team where the identified companies were analysed and the decisions for the takeover were prepared. I was part of several integration projects here in germany such as Mallinckrodt and US Surgical. In 1999 Schumacher Verbandstoffe, a manufacturer of wound care products in the german city Krefeld, was bought. I was part of different Projectteams where the „new“ companies were adapted to the Tycostructure. These integration projects were finished in 2001/2002. Beside these Integrationprojects, I was part of different european teams to build the new Tyco/Covidien european organisation. During my „Tycolife“, the most important people for me were Roger Dullien, Willy Weyland, Martin Achtner and Peter Häusler.

Covidien Tyco Healthcare

Marketing & Sales Manager

November 1996 bis Oktober 1998

Pharmaceutical Wholesale, Medical Providers, Contractmanager Healthinsurance, Business & Legal Healthcare Consultant, BVMed Berlin(former Wiesbaden), Hospitalorganisations ( Sana, P.E.G., Helios, Ameos etc.) Opinionleaders in German Healthcare, GHX Europe, German health ministry.

Covidien Kendall Medizinische Erzeugnisse

Key Accounts Manager

Juli 1994 bis Oktober 1996

Pharmaceutical Wholesale, Medical Providers, Contractmanager Healthinsurance, Business & Legal Healthcare Consultant, BVMed Berlin(former Wiesbaden)

Covidien Kendall Medizinische Erzeugnisse

Manager – Business Development

Juni 1992 bis Juni 1994

As a manufacturer, of nearly 40.000 different medical devices our company provided only hospitals. The increasing number of patients outside of hospitals seemed to be a fast growing market. My project was to develop and create a marketing and sales structure for the Outpatient Market in germany. We increased our turnover from 1 Mio.€ up to 39 Mio.€ in 2002

Militärzeit image

 Budel/NL, Brunssum/NL, Chania-Kreta/
 GR, Decimomannu-Sardinien/I, Wichta Falls/USA
 Military Education, Training, Press & Secret Service

  • v.d.Linde Arzneimittel GmbH Düsseldorf und Hilden
 Heute ein Unternehmen der Sanacorp e.G./Planegg
Pharmazeutischer Groß- und Außenhandelskaufmann
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