Source List to identify US Media Propaganda Creating Regime Changes In The Near East

Syria War Being Justified By Same Type of Propaganda As Iraq! Stop Believing the Lies


CIA propaganda expenses $285 million was more than the combined budgets of Reuters United Press International Associated Press.


Duane Brocious 2016/12/13:
„I shared this on FB, I wonder if it or my entire page will be removed. I am seriously in fear of my life for posting these things.“

Facebook User 2016/12/13:
„I have no doubt that it will be very hard to get all the accurate information out of Aleppo. I know I have watched and read some very emotional pleas from people in Aleppo. I know that their lives look a lot different than mine does. So if all the articles I am coming across are propaganda where are the real articles? Who has the accurate information?“



A film set was created for Tripoli (Libya) in Qatar, and they created fictitious demonstrations in order to sway public opinion worldwide. The same happened in Baghdad. And similar events are occurring in Syria. Many Journalists have left AlJazeera as a consequence. Shoruk explains.

Syria – The Media Lies of Aljazeera & the BBC – Shoruk

After decades of the United States rationalizing war and regime change on lies, the American People no longer get a pass to blindly accept more of the same in Syria. JUST like it was ENTIRELY possible to know in real time that the justifications for war in Iraq were predicated on lies, so it is with Syria. We stand on the edge of escalating a conflict which could trigger a much wider war, and the corporate FAKE news media AGAIN acts as stenographers for lies. SHAMEFUL. They should be tried for war crimes for their role in creating mass support for crimes against humanity.

Source List to identify US Media Propaganda Creating Regime Changes In The Near East:

This List doesn’t have any Sources of your allday Media menue, so it reflects only one site. To build your own opinion you should question both sources, to be honest I don’t believe we can trust one site only, neither this List nor allday Mainstream Media is telling US the truth. It’s up to you to use your mind!

Two CORE videos to watch to get context of reality of Syria situation:
Testimony to UN by US Peace Council:
Testimony to UN by Eva Bartlett (GO EVA!) independent Canadian Journalist:
Eva Bartlett interview:
Article Featured on Yahoo Today with Calls for No-Fly Zone:
Videos from Independent Journalist on Syria Propaganda:
Syrian Peace Council Counters Propaganda:
US Killing Civilians in Syria
US has Dropped 20,000 bombs on Syria since JANUARY:
White Helmets Propaganda:
Pentagon’s New Rules Allow Them to Kill More Civilians in ISIS Strikes
New ‚Sliding Scale‘ of Number of Civilians to Be Killed Based on Location
Albright on How the Death of 1/2 Million Iraqi Children in the 90s Due to US Sanctions was ‚Worth It‘:
Long Term History of Syria -and why we want war now – by Robert Kennedy Jr:
Long History of Manufacturing Propaganda to Support Wars – from October 3 – 500 million contract revealed to created Iraq War Propaganda:
C-Span Video – Joint Chief Staff Chair Reports No Fly Zone Will Lead Us Into War with Russia/Syria:
Hillary Clinton Armed Saudi Arabia – Other Authoritarian Regimes After Donations to Clinton Foundation:
United States Approve Another Saudi Weapons Deal:
Sarin Gas Sale Approved to the Rebels from Clinton:
Keith Ellison saying if he had HIS way we would already have a no fly zone which will lead to war with Russia/Syria
Ellison powwowing with Dem Establishment as they meet with Soros Behind Closed Doors – THREE DAY PRIVATE MEETING:
Sane Progressive Syria Videos Going Into MUCH More Detail about TRUTH in Syria:
Additional source lists in these video descriptions
George Soros Manipulations on Syria:


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