Ein Thermostat aus China WH7016J

Temperature controller WH7016J

Temperature controller WH7016J is next good product from Wilhi (Chinese manufacturer HVAC) in this review you read “Pro and Cons” and guide manual how to connect and set this device.

Short description of the thermostat:is low cost good termostat with LED display and one 5A relay and NTC probe.Power suply for version WH7016J is 220V but you can buy version 110V suitable for US or 12V. More on complete in detailed description bottom of this page….

Here are the pros and cons of WH7016J temperature controller:

Here is pros

  • Compatibile size with other similar temperature controllers
  • Good visible red display with “set” and “working” LED indication
  • Easy instrument control (explained later in post)
  • Owns all the main functions that need good thermostat hysteresis, calibration, delayed start, and other ..
  • Housing is good you can mout temperature controller in panel.
  • Measurement accuracy is good (but controll accuracy is 1 ºC)
  • Have lock
  • Very good price

Here is cons

  • Control precision is only for one grade 1 ºC steps in some cases this is too much. / 0.1ºC is better
  • Calibration and hysteresis gap can set in steps 1 ºC min hysteresis is 1 ºC 0.1ºC is better

Detailed description of temperature controller WH7016J

Now i will describe thermostat and control , i will try to describe accurately.The device WH7016J includes five main components:

  1. The display is red, it shows three “LED” digits,Clearly shows the temperature value withe the one decimal place.
  2. Below the display are Four buttons which control the thermostat WH7016J. First buton is “SET” with next two buttons are + and – are used for menu navigation increasing or decreasing values, and Rst is “ON/OFF button”
  3. On the back of the thermostat is 3x green terminals. In left is “Relay switch” , in center is “Power” and right is terminals for NTC probe. RED switches is LOCK.
  4. The sensor for the temperature controller WH7016J is placed in bottom of temperature controller right side .It is about 80 cm long with active iron end.Type of temperature sensor is clasic NTC 10K 0.5% You can cut the sensor and attach a long wire.
  5. Temperure controller can save the setings if no power source (blackout).

Be careful !!!!

1.) If you buy temperature controller , take care when choosing a product, pay attention to it if you want the thermostat in Celsius or Fahrenheit

2) If you connect the thermostat must pay attention to the voltage label , Wrong voltage = burned-out thermostat

Short guide how to connect WH7016J Temperature controller:

  • For US (and other state) choose 110V version WH7016 Temperature controller
  • For EU (european union) choose 220V (230V is OK) version WH7016 Temperature controller
  • 12/24V can be AC or DC working good with both types of voltage.

Conection and terminals :

  • Terminal 1 and 2: Normally open contact relay (Version „J“ has a Terminal 3 „Alarm“)
  • Terminals 4 and 5: 220V power connection
  • Terminal LOCK Switch
  • settings, the user can not modify.
  • Terminal 6 and 7: temperature sensor connection

Power connection:

Attention: Do not Connect phase wire to NTC socket or Phase with Neutral wire to Relay !!!!

LOAD can be heating device or cooling compressor with maximum current consumption 5A (220V) 1100W.

Functions and settings of the thermostat

At the beginning it is good to introduce thermostat control for easy work. The WH7016J has three control buttons on the SET, UP and DOWN,TURN ON/OFF.

Short press SET key you can set goal temperature (with arrows).

If you press the SET button for 2 secondsenters the menu with eight options for setting the thermostat (HC,AC,AH,AL,P7,CA,HS,LS,d)

Function and codes:

Menu code selection

Symbol Details Setting range Factory settings Unit

HC Heating / cooling H/C C

D Hysteresis 1 — 15 5 *C

LS Lowest setting limits -30 — 3000 -30 *C

HS The maximum limit set -30 — 300 300 *C

CA Temperature correction -5 — 5 0 *C

P7 Delay time 0 — 10 1 Min

HC – Heating or Cooling setings

The first option offered by the thermostat is HEATING or COOLING mode.

Heating mode: When the measured temperature is higher than or equal to the set value, the relay off, turn off the output; When the measured temperature below the set value – hysteresis, the relay picks up to start the output.

Cooling Mode: When the measured temperature is higher than or equal to the set value + hysteresis, the relay picks up to start the output; When the measured temperature below the set value, the relay off and close the output.

**AH – High temperature alarm ***

If the measured temperature> set temperature + AH alarm output relay. Thermostat alarm will sound, the display alternately shows H and the current temperature. Alarm, press any key to stop the alarm and relay output.

AL – Low temperature alarm *

If the measured temperature “set temperature-AL when the alarm output relay. Thermostat alarm will sound, the display alternately shows L and the current temperature. Alarm, press any key to stop the alarm and relay output.

* Original Wilhi temperature controller WH7016C not have this function (High low alarm function is for WH7016E) maybee this function on WH7016J not working…

P7 – Delay time

In the cooling mode, the first power on, when the measured value above the set value + hysteresis value, the machine will not immediately start cooling, it needs to set the delay time, then the machine can run to start cooling; once the interval between two cooling is larger than the delay time, the machine immediately starts cooling, once the interval between two cooling is less than the delay time, the machine must run the remaining delay time to start cooling.

The delay time is started to calculate from stopping the machine. The delay time of heating mode is as same as the cooling mode. Note: It is recommended that only the device that use compressor cooling can use the delay start function, the user who don’t need delay start function please set this parameter to 0.


Temperature calibration funtion: When there is deviation between the measuring temperature and standard temperature, use the temperature calibration function, make the machine measurements value consistent with the standard temperature, the after calibration temperature= the before calibration temperature + calibration value (calibration value can be positive number, negative number, and 0) .


Hysteresis function: Hysteresis setting limits the maximum interval between the opening and stopping, this machine minimum interval between the opening and stopping is 1 ℃ , the maximum is 15℃ .

Other fault codes:

  • When the sensor disconnected, the screen displays — and close the heating wire
  • When the sensor detects the temperature is below -9.9 degrees, the screen displays
  • When the sensor detects a temperature higher than 99.9 degrees, the screen displays HHH
  • WH7016J from ebay / aliexpress have EEE error code for disconected temperature probe.

Version for Wilhi 7016C: Wilhi 7016C guide manual

Version for Wilhi 7016J/E: Pdf WH7016C WH7016E guide manual

Complete Technical parameters for WH7016J Temperature controller:

•Digital temperature controller, -50 Celsius to 110 Celsius temperature measurement and control;
•0.1 degree resolution, a 1 degree of control accuracy;
•Compatible with refrigeration and heating control;
•Adjustable hysteresis, delay start function;
•Temperature limit setting function, the parameter lock factory;
•With a power-down data storage function;
•Standard DC12V ;
•Relay shock current 5A/220V;
•Standard 1 meter NTC waterproof metal probe, optional plastic probe ;

Electrical performance:

•Temperature range: -30 Celsius~ 300 Celsius
•Temperature control range: -30 Celsius~ 300 Celsius
•Temperature measurement error: ± 0.5 Celsius
•Sensor Type: NTC (10K/3435)
•Control accuracy: 1 Celsius
•Voltage: AC220V
•Current: MAX200MA
•Relay contact current: AC 5A/220V
•Data retention: a
•Operating temperature: 0 Celsius~ 50 Celsius
•Storage temperature: -10 Celsius~ 60 Celsius

Price and buy

Temperature controller can buy from Ebay or AliExpress, good price varies around about 10-17 usd shipping included.Keep in mind that at low cost 10-17 usd sell WH7016J is very cheap and have case and mouting clips for hold in panel.


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