Why Hillary Clinton has lost the race against Bernie Sanders.

Hillary’s Delegate Lead Narrows to 194, the Media Continues to Report Inaccurate Counts

Washington Examiner

Numbers don’t lie unless you report the wrong numbers. What if I told you the current pledged delegate count was Hillary 1,299 to Sanders 1,105. Bernie has gained 24 delegates over the last two weeks at county and state party conventions. Many news outlets also continue to falsely report uncommitted Superdelegates despite even the DNC requesting otherwise.

  • Colorado Sanders +6 Clinton -6 = 12
  • Nevada Sanders +2 Clinton -2 = 4
  • Missouri +2 Clinton -2 = 4
  • Arizona +2 Clinton -2 = 4



Here is the Clark County results in Nevada. Sanders Delegates showed up in YUGE numbers Giving him the lead ahead of the upcoming state convention. This followed questionable activity during the Caucus and removal of Christine Kramar Chair of the Credentials Committee. It is increasingly possible other similar events will happen in other states as we draw closer to the election.

That is a 194 delegate difference.

No one would be wrong to say that is still a significant lead. Although it is a large lead, both candidates must clearly lead the remaining races to receive enough delegates to achieve the 2,383 delegates needed for an uncontested Democratic National Convention. A 50% split on the remaining 1,647 delegates would leave both delegates well short of that number. Bernie currently leads or is statistically tied in national polls so he has a strong chance given the road ahead to outperform Hillary by race end. A contested convention would mean a showdown at the National convention for the Nomination.

The DNC dismisses that possibility but the numbers simply do not lie. It is more likely than one would presume. Hillary prior to the New York race needs 1084 delegates out of the remaining 1,647 available. to go uncontested. Even to the Hillary leaning fivethirtyeight.com blog, Hillary’s last strong state is Maryland.

Despite all these numbers the corporate media has continued to push inaccurate or completely deceiving numbers.



Many major outlets continue to report counts to include non-pledged Superdelegates deceivingly into their counts despite even the DNC’s request for that to be corrected. Many of the others still deceivingly show the Superdelegates in total counts.

One would like to think the majority of media is not so ignorant to that fact. This can only be perceived as a completely underhanded attempt to dishearten Sanders supporters from showing up to the polls. Pollster and blogger Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com although having been repeatedly wrong or Clinton leaning in their primary predictions have the most accurate numbers but have failed to correct for Democratic Convention changes.

With the key race in New York, the US’s second-largest delegate state tomorrow, the 19th of April, the race has heated up. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton despite the media machine saying otherwise are aware of what is at stake in this and upcoming state elections. Hillary needs over 60% of the remaining delegates to prevent a contested National Convention.

April 19th

April 26th

  • Pennsylvania 189
  • Maryland 95
  • Connecticut 55
  • Rhode Island 24
  • Delaware 21

So don’t let the talking heads fool you into thinking this race is over. Both candidates need every last delegate moving forward. Why is the media saying otherwise? Self-interest. Even MSNBC and CNN are owned by corporate giants. Comcast owns (MSNBC), and Time Warner owns (CNN) just naming to so-called liberal media outlets. Comcast and Time Warner are large contributors and fundraisers for the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Time Warner is Hillary’s 8th largest donor. You won’t see that disclaimer on any of their televised debates.

These large media outlets are very dependent on campaign money ever since The Telecommunications Act of 1996, was signed into law by Bill Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton helped fundamentally changed the way our media works. Media became big business. It is no longer just a public service provided for the use of public airwaves but a means of YUGE profit. In the past to be called news outlets had to conform to reasonable rules of integrity. Bernie Sanders has been a YUGE advocate against such corporate control on two fronts. Pushing for tax rates similar to the 1950’s and reform on political spending in elections. Hillary Clinton has said she wants money out of politics but argues that campaign contributions do not affect her judgement. Bernie Sanders and his proponents suggest that want for changes in that system is disingenuous on a good day.

So next time you see numbers in the media take the time to make sure those numbers actually hold any weight.

1,299 to 1,105.


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