Ok Bernie Sanders! Let us start the Revolution! #FeelTheBern

A Letter To: The People in the USA, all the People living in Germany, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Everyone living on this Planet…

A Letter To: Everyone,

I hope you know that the Political Revolution starts on 02/01/2016 in IOWA and this means no more talk, it’s time for action. If you are of voting age or will be by Election Day in November 2016, then I say to you, if YOU want Bernie Sanders as your next President. Then when it comes time in your state to caucus/vote, YOU have to tell your employer that you will be exercising your right as an AMERICAN and will NOT be working from the start time, till done, that day.


If you are too afraid to stand up for your RIGHTS then you cannot complain of what’s to come, for what you are fighting for is not just for you but everyone that come after you, your children and grandchildren. It’s NOW or never, we have waited for the people that we elect to get us out of this BIG MONEY control, the wait is OVER the elected officials are in too deep with BIG MONEY.

We have to do this or BIG MONEY will run your life forever, we had to do this in the Nineteen Thirty’s, then in 1980s Big money started to run amuck and kept telling us to CUT our TAXES and WE will CREATE JOBS, it’s been OVER THIRTY years, WHERE are the JOBS? Oh wait there in CHINA and other Countries without regulations. Big Money milked us dry and collapsed in 2008 and then WE had to bail them out, what the HELL. They get a bail out and we have to suffer, it’s time to get MAD, It was OUR TAX MONEY that WE worked for to help US and they got IT. Look they are NOT paying their fair share of taxes to benefit US? I don’t think so. What would have happened if instead they bailed us out? We would still be IN OUR HOMES driving OUR CARS PAYING OUR BILLS, instead we have to live on the streets and live in POVERTY. If you know of a homeless person take them with you to CAUCUS get them registered and let then help out as well.



We are at WAR with a CORRUPTED SYSTEM, for those of you that think the Bernie Sanders POLITICAL REVOLUTION is just a theme, you are WRONG, it’s what we are going to do. We don’t need a gun to get our way, WE will use our VOTE and our bodies as our weapon of choice. See you don’t have to KILL to get your point across, numbers of people can do the same without KILLING anyone. This is not to say that while we are at it some of us may go to jail, but I bet when it’s all said and done, some people that thought they were above the law due to having MONEY, will find themselves behind bars.

The POLITICAL REVOLUTION of the United States of America Starts TODAY

This is NOT a game or a gimmick this is a WAR on BIG MONEY and taking back our government. If you stand in our way we will move you, if you try and STOP US we will grow LARGER. Join us or get out of the way, a STORM is coming in the likes that this NATION has never seen and hopefully will never have to happen again.

This is NOT just about the United States of America for this is affecting the entire GLOBE, our COUNTRY is not the only one that is FIGHTING BIG MONEY. The FIGHT STARTS HERE AND IT STARTS NOW!!!!!

This is a WAR on POLITICS, it’s NOT just a President we are electing, there are a lot of Congress seat that will be taken (the do NOTHING congress) as well as we have a large number of Supreme Court Judges that are out as well. Thing can be changed to get it done, if not we know where the WHITE HOUSE is and were CONGRESS sits. If we have something NOT getting done that we want done, we have to march onto the window of CONGRESS and tell them ourselves. People in this country have to STOP being lazy and yell from the comfort of their living room, but hey we have plenty of us LIVING ON THE STREETS that wouldn’t mind marching. The STORM is coming and people better wake up, you join us or get out of the way. For we will bring our huddled masses.

USA Präsidentschaftswahlen 2016. Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

USA Präsidentschaftswahlen 2016. Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

And this is just the beginning of a huge movement to change the situation for all the people in the world…
Let us start this Revolution…


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